Study Calls Coffee Without Sugar Can Reduce Diabetes Type 2 Risk

harga smart detox di apotik Jakarta, Some studies have already said that eating coffee or tea can lower the risk of diabetes type two. But do not be quick to make this an argument for raising some coffee cups once more for today. Because the coffee in the research can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes is black coffee without any sugar.

The most recent study of the braid of coffee and the shrinking risk of type 2 diabetes is published in the journal Diabetologia. So taken from CNN, Friday (25/04/2014). The study took a summary of those who increased their coffee consumption by more than a cup, the risk was 11% lower for type 2 diabetes. In addition, a decrease in consuming the same amount of coffee, more than a cup a day, was associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes 17%. This data is based on an analysis of more than 120,000 health professionals who follow long-term observations.

Researchers refer to the routine of drinking some four-year study participants. previously take a summary. “For type 2 diabetes, consuming up to six cups / day is associated with lower risk,” said Shilpa Bhupathiraju, a research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and lead author of the study, citing research first. She gives as long as drinking coffee does not lead to a natural tremor and does not make you nervous, so it gives more health benefits. Beyond that in coffee there are also chemicals that are phenolic compounds and lignans which, according to Bhupathiraju, can increase glucose metabolism. He gave me a magnesium-rich coffee that is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

This research does not even touch sugar-laden coffee. The only one is a simple cup of black coffee, which is made from 8 ounces of coffee powder and contains around 100 milligrams of caffeine. In addition, coffee is associated with a decrease in some critical illnesses, not only diabetes, but also heart disease, specific cancers, and according to the New England Journal of Medicine study coffee is often associated with longevity. Although some scientists are lazy to say coffee became a potent medicine. But not all research says the good effects of caffeine. The discovery in the US shows the result that human dependence will also be caffeine as it has become difficult to reduce. The same caffeine is also with drugs, such as cocaine and nicotine, where the effect of dependence exists because the addictive substance that is acquired moves immediately to the brain.

The caffeine in coffee or tea will also quickly stimulate human adrenaline, so it will also make people feel more alert. This subject is also an argument why humans need coffee or tea in the morning. With the exception of making dependence, consumption of caffeine is also a risk for the heart. Excessive caffeine can make blood pressure so much higher to terrorize heart health. Basically everything is too much is not good, therefore wise in the consumption of all things. (vit / mer)

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6 Eating Routines Needed To Be Abandoned

proargi loss Jakarta Often we are not aware if the ugly routine to eat have an influence on health. For example, the arena of fat fear a person prefer to avoid the fat even though the body actually also requires fat.
The wrong perception and growing in the following people will be straightened out by nutritionists and diet experts listed with a master’s degree in the science and knowledge of nutrition and health of people, Cynthia Sass, as taken Health, Saturday (27/12/2014) The explanation: 1. Frequent drinking alcohol

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Whatever the argument, alcohol has extra calories that can cause body damage. If you are on a diet, try to stay away from consuming alcohol for 30 days and watch, eventually it can be dramatic.
2. Holding hungry
With dietary arguments, several tens of clients often endure hunger. Next, they starve and reach an almond jar or handful. Cause? they consume more calories than they eat, Cynthia says.
Forget about eating this is a big problem. This sort of thing can lead to two unexpected risks, burning fewer calories and you’re weak. Some studies have found that not only daily calories are primarily to protect the body’s resistance but also the preparation of the meal. Good practical provisions eat right when and never let more 4-5 hours letting the stomach empty, he said.
3. Consume excessive healthy food
Willingness to be healthy, but some people are not aware of the consumption of food in large quantities. The key, listen to your stomach, hunger and satiety it cues the body and use your mind to adjust the amount according to the same needs, he said. 4. Calculating calories
One study revealed that even the calculation of calories inclined to make women more stressed. And without being recognized, the addition of stress can lead to a spike in cortisol, a stress hormone that makes a person unable to brake the appetite of fatty and sugary foods. 5. Avoid good fats
As a country with the most obese patients in the world, Americans seem to be anti-fat. Not long ago, Cynthia even met a person who did not want to eat high-fat avocados because of the olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing.
Reduce fat is a smart trick in intelligent weight loss. But vegetable fats like olive oil, avocado, and nuts can boost metabolism, as well as a rich source of anti-oxidants that have been linked to slackness and fewer calories, he said. 6. Eating out of emotion
Eating routines, boredom, fury, happy this sometimes makes it hard to lose weight. Instead of diet, eating with emotions can actually lead to weight gain.

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Want To Lose Weight? Look at the 9 Food Trap

harga smart detox murah What foods are good for the diet? Such will be ringing in the minds of people who want to lose weight. In fact, there are 9 foods that until now mentioned can help lower body weight. In fact, the food contains sugar or some other ingredients that are not useful. Generally so when this food has been packaged and sold in supermarkets. Such details as taken GeniusBeauty, Friday (03/05/2013):

1. Eggs Nutrition experts deliver eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. These fatty acids can be chemicals that participate in the formation of myelin nerve sheaths. These fatty acids can strengthen blood vessel walls and avoid the formation of atherosclerotic plaques (obstructions in blood vessels). However, research shows omega-3 fatty acids in eggs have no positive impact on the body. There are only three types of omega-3 fatty acids are really useful, namely EPA, DMA, and ALA. And most importantly for the body of omega-3 fatty acids found in red fish (Ruby snapper).

2. Bit (Beet) This root vegetables contain vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and anti-oxidants that fight cancer. However, bits have a lot of oxalate salt and oxalate. Eating bits very much can lead to kidney stone disease. Beyond that, the cooked beet has a high glycemic index, which means that the appetite increases.

3. Yoghurt fruit yoghurt that has been packed may have a lot of sugar and fat content. Beware. Try yoghurt with slices of fruit purchased separately and merged by yourself

4. Bread Wheat bread is good because it has fiber content and make us full longer. But do not get me wrong. Many wheat bread products that contain some ingredients that do not support our diet program because it contains sugar, excessive salt. even the starch is not one hundred percent of the wheat. So, the main thing is to know how the previous wheat became bread. Bread generally uses wheat flour or all wheat flour.

5. Carrot This vegetable has a lot of fiber and beta-carotene, until it can be used to cure constipation, also to improve the view. However, carrots contain a lot of sugar. Fresh carrots contain only 30 calories per 100 grams, but when cooked, carrot fiber decomposes into a simple sugar. Carrots are so easily processed, through the stomach immediately into the blood, as well as from the blood that goes into the space that has a problem. So eating carrots, especially when ripe, will not help to lose weight.

6. Fruit Juice 100% fruit juice is divided into sugar and fructose. Excessive fructose results in obesity and increased cholesterol. Alternative choice is to make your own juice or just eat fruit.

7. Frozen food There is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables or fruit. The question is, why eat frozen vegetables and fruits when we meet many fresh in the market or supermarket?

8. Fast-food Salad Fast food salads commonly use high-calorie and high-calorie mayonnaise. The best choice is to make your own salad. Just enough vegetables and fruits are cut into pieces add a little olive oil, pepper and salt as needed. 9. Breakfast cereal Wheat in the know healthy and nutritious. This food is recommended for those who want to lose weight. However, do not get entangled with cereals that have been packaged because it generally has a high salt (natirum) salt though a little sugar. (Mel / Abd)

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Do not Take This Food Every Day

efek samping.trulum Jakarta It is very possible when you are in the business of losing weight by doing diet, but do some small mistakes that can even prevent weight loss, or weight management becomes more difficult and slower than it should be.

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Sometimes, a piece of food that is not at risk can make a big inequality when talking about ideal body weight management. Written from Times of India, written Friday (11/12/2015), it is part of the food in your daily diet that you should stay away from consuming it everyday.
1. One glass of milk – Milk is a healthy addition to your diet, but it’s also a chance that will disrupt your development. If you have a habit of drinking a glass of milk before bed, breakfast, or snack in the afternoon, try to stop drinking milk for a month. If you feel it can give you a resonance, make you more fresh, help you lower your weight, cleanse the skin, and others, this might be a way out for your problems. Worth trying.
2. A sweet snack after eating – Some people have a routine wanting a sweet thing after eating. Surely this is an unnecessary thing and maybe you already know. The addition of sugar after you eat is so meaningful to get rid of especially if you do it everyday. Let the desserts be a special dinner on your day off.
3. Heavy carbohydrates for an afternoon snack – How often do you feel hungry during breaks at lunch and dinner? You’re going to eat anything without even thinking about whether it’s good or bad for. Your chances will be finished with the consumption of sandwiches or samosas. This addition may be just one unhealthy meal that you consume in one day, but if this is the thing you do everyday, this afternoon snack can interfere with your efforts. Therefore, bring something that contains protein and healthy fats like beans, once you will not give in to hunger.
4. Potato – The last few times the potato earned the nickname of a study done by Harvard, as ‘your weight gain food at the same time.’ Potatoes have a step to gain weight without you realize. 5. What is meant by ‘healthy snacks’ – Chips or anything that is said to be a healthy snack these days, should be replaced with foods that have real nutrition. Some people consume this snack without any reckoning it, and think that they are in a healthy state and will not give much inequality to their health and body weight. This is a mistake and you are better off staying away from some of these processed foods. (*)

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Weight Loss Down For You It’s Easy to Sick

kopi hijau adalah Jakarta Ever know the impact of yo-yo in diet? Yes, the impact of yo-yo or weight cycling is a condition when people with obesity often experience a decrease as well as weight gain. This situation is actually more dangerous and the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease compared to obese people whose weight fell in one program. Not only that, in research done by dietician Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK was described, the impact of yoyo can be proven to increase the risk of inflammation or inflammation in the blood vessels and oxidative stress.
Weight loss (BB) through diet and exercise are basic tips in the treatment of obesity. But people with obesity is often a natural decline and replenishment of BB known as weight cycling (WC). Why do I choose weight cycling? because many of my patients who come, today the program, later down 10-20 kg. Meet again 1-2 yrs. the weight has been more 20 kg. On the basis of that, I dig the literature and want to show whether weight cycling is more risky, “said Samuel when interviewed by journalists at the inauguration of doctoral program at the Faculty of Medicine Campus Indonesia, Tuesday (8/7/2014). Samuel explains, humans are divided into fat and fat-free time. At the time of free fat, there is no muscle water. This is all summed up in body weight. Here as a problem, often the assumption of weight loss is just a concentration in kg alone without any view in terms of fat and muscle composition. In addition, the amount of water in the cell in fact alters the protein formation system for muscle. The fat man, the cell gets bigger. When it gets bigger, he removes the substance that causes damage to the blood vessels. Which in my research called inflammatory markers. She scrapes slowly the walls of the blood vessels. Well, when we successfully lose weight, the substance is less natural decline. but not as good as when compared with people who have never been down obesity, he said.

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One more thing that can be proven in this research is F2-isoprostans called standard goals to see free radicals in the body.
Free radicals that enter the body, slowly causing cell damage. Blood vessels are damaged. Such is why age 40 years, face many wrinkles. It is damaged by free radicals. But more dangerous, the impact of free radicals on cardiovascular disease. Blood vessels damaged, cholesterol attached, there is thickening of blood vessel walls. Therefore I say cardiovascular risk to a person who weighs up and down is bigger, he said. You are fat, as quickly as possible. Because the fat if not in the lowering risk. When it comes down, it must be maintained. Can not go up anymore. When it rises again, all the risks of the disease appear. I disagree if there is a person weighing 90 kg with other people who have the same weight. The one weighs still, and the other down weighs up to 70 kg. But up again so 90 kg. These 2 people are compared, the more risky they have ever fallen. The risk of the disease is more chronic, he said.

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Finished Drinking Herbal Coffee, This Man Called Cigarettes Feel stale

smart detox jakarta Jakarta, From start to protect stamina to restore cigarette addiction. That is the claim of sellers of imported herbal coffee products that have been long circulating in the market of traditional medicine Indonesia. Someone smokers say the taste of cigarettes like stale cigarettes after he drank the herbal coffee. “” I drink coffee for two months .. So when smoking while drinking coffee it taste-it does not taste good rich stale coffee. Formerly a pack of cigarettes for two days, suitable drink coffee that three days only cigarette is not exhausted, “” said Fayyas Ahmadullah (35), customer of herbal medicine, at detikHealth, Monday (8/9/2014).

Fayyas said the taste of cigarettes began to change after he drank coffee for two to three days. In one day Fayyas can consume two packs of coffee. Listiawati (30), a resident of Tambun, Bekasi, when contacted separately also admitted buying coffee was a step to greet his father who is a heavy smoker. “” Formerly father when smoking can two to three packs I always love that coffee one day three packs. His reaction was drinking coffee he was sick, coughing, always feverish one week. He said spending time toxins. How many days later nyoba ngerokok once again bitter mouth. Not good for ngerokok. From then on he does not want to once again, “” said the employee at this private company.

According to him, the impact of coffee appears after the father consumes coffee throughout the week. Gradually his father reduced the number of cigarettes he smoked until eventually stopped. “” So daddy smoking the most expensive brand today has gone awful, “” Listiawati more. Not just to quit smoking, the benefits of coffee mentioned contain seven ingredients of this herb like endless. Andi Budianto (32), a resident of Cibubur, East Jakarta, admitted diligent coffee consumption throughout almost a year to protect the vitality of the body. “” All this time sich tasty, always fresh body.

The stiffest earthworks. It makes a waste of wind, so do not catch a cold, “” Andi said that mentioning at this time has stopped drinking coffee because supply problems and prices difficult to reach. Firstly, responding to the herbal coffee that is claimed to stop the routine of smoking, herbal experts from the Department of Pharmacy FMIPA UI, Abdul Mun’im, MSi, PhD, said the dependence can not be cured just by changing the sense of taste alone. This kind of thing because the impact of addictive substances on cigarettes attack the nerve cells and affect the flow of thought. “” Addiction is a neural relationship, the problem is there. Because the example of a person with a drug even though his blood was washed clean he still can not escape his dependence. If the toxin problem mah easy because the body has the power to remove through the heart and urine, “” he explained. (vit / vit)

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Standby Bad Effects Surgical Weight Reduction

harga trulum

New York – Most people who do weight reduction surgery admit the natural addition of health. But several reports in recent research say the high risks and hospitalization are related to this procedure.
Surgery known as the Roux-en-Y shortcut (bypass) reduces the size of the stomach to a single small bag. According to one agency in the US-this pocket is then linked immediately to the small intestine to affect the digestive system’s steps to absorb food.

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Taken from webMD, Friday (8/1/2016), there are several surveys involving more 1. 400 people in Denmark who have done surgery Roux-en-Y in 2006 and 2011. Finally show that only sekitaran 7% naturally decrease overall health after surgery is done.
However, the study felt about 89% of patients reported one or two of the risks. For example, abdominal pain and fatigue up to around 5 years. after surgery. Approximately 29% of patients are hospitalized.

A woman with the nickname ‘fatter in all of China’ in the end performs gastric surgery to help her ‘shrink’.
According to some study authors, approximately 68% of patients seek treatment related to some of the symptoms faced. The most common arguments were abdominal pain (34%), fatigue (34%), anemia (28%), and gallstones (16%).
Some of these symptoms are increasingly faced by women, smokers, and people who are under 35 years old, and people who do not work, and those who have some of these symptoms before surgery. The more signs they face, the lower the quality of their lives.
Lead researcher Dr Sigrid Bjerge Gribsholt from Denmark’s Aarhus Campus Hospital and his colleagues wrote, “The focus on quality of life among some patients with multiple signs may be necessary because some patients are at risk for depression. The development of new weight-loss measures with less risk of continuation should be the top priority. ”
However, an expert from the United States has a record of the findings. Dr Mitchell Roslin, chief of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City said that some of the patients were not compared to the control group.
Roslin also said that some types of weight loss surgery are also beginning to be used and all are “surgery that gives better long periods of results” than Roux-en-Y. *

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Coffee Could Stand Up to Pregnant Women

ling shen yao untuk kanker Glasgow, A cup of coffee has many benefits, ranging from just overcome the drowsiness to reduce the risk of cancer. However, pregnant women should not be careless to drink coffee, because too much caffeine can actually harm the womb and heart. In normal conditions, the effects of caffeine will begin to decrease within 5 hours of entry into the body. However, under certain conditions such as pregnant women, the half-life or decomposition time in the body can be longer than 30 hours.

The longer the caffeine lasts in the body, the greater the likelihood of side effects it causes. Moreover, if consumed in excessive levels, then caffeine can increase heart rhythm, trigger headache, chest pain, anxiety and stomach cramps. Experts from Glasgow University in Scotland said, pregnant women can still drink coffee from the caffeine content is nothing more than 200 mg / day. This means that espresso coffee is not recommended because it is extracted so thickly that caffeine levels are very high.

Research conducted by experts shows, most of espresso coffee sold in coffee shops in Scotland contain caffeine above the safe limit for pregnant women. Of the 20 coffee shops serving espresso coffee, only 1 is caffeine content within safe limits. “” The variations are quite large. The low caffeine can still be taken 4 times a day by pregnant women. But the excess levels, 1 cup alone can trigger an overdose, “” said Dr. Alan Crozier who led the study as quoted from Dailymail, Friday (2/12/2011). In addition to pregnant women, other conditions that are not recommended for coffee consumption excessive is in small children and people with liver disorders. In these conditions, liver work is not optimal so the risk of caffeine overdose increases because of its slow metabolism. (Up / ir)

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Drinking Cold Water The Dangers to Gut and Make Cancer, Really?

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Drinking Cold Water The Dangers to Gut and Make Cancer, Really?

Jakarta, A recent information circulating that the habit of drinking cold water is harmful to health. Cold temperatures are said to damage the intestines and trigger the occurrence of cancer. The reason, cold temperatures make oily foods become frozen. When the clot then reacts with acid in the gastrointestinal tract, the clot becomes a toxic fat and marches inside the intestine. This fat is then absorbed very quickly causing cancer. In response to this information, gastrointestinal consultant physicians at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, DR Dr Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD, KGEH, FINASIM, FACP, MMB mentioned that this is completely untrue.Read also: Really Do Not Eat Harmed Rice for 12 Hours at the Magic Jar According to him, ice water or cold water just like other water, has no special difference and only the temperature is different. Cold water consumption is not a risk factor for cancer. Cold drinks are more likely to be avoided because they trigger inflammation or colds in those who are sensitive. Excerpted from the Guardian, cold water information triggers cancer is also said to have no scientific evidence to support. The American Cancer Society (ACS) says that the disease has more common risk factors such as diet, physical activity, sun exposure, pollution, genetics, and lifestyle. But they explicitly state that cold water consumption is not specifically one cause of cancer. dr Ari advised, if possible better to drink warm water, so the temperature is the same as the temperature of the body that is average 37 degrees Celsius. This is so that the process of adjusting water temperatures that occur in the body becomes more easy.Dilansir Web MD, health consultant from the Emory University School of Medicine, Louise Chang, said to maintain a healthy body in addition to consuming water you can also regularly drink fruit and vegetable juices. Consumption of fruit and vegetable juices can strengthen the body, prevent degeneration of skin, glands, and organs, and maintain a healthy digestive system. Read also: Want Slim and Prevent Diabetes? Replace Sweet Drink with Water White (ajg / vit)

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Often Movement in the womb, a sign of the little one will become an active child?

Often Movement in the womb, a sign of the little one will become an active child?

Jakarta, When pregnant, the movement of the fetus in the mother’s stomach can be a proud thing for either a mother or father. Well, sometimes the movement of the fetus in the womb is often associated with active or not the little one later. In response to this, obstetric and gynecology specialist in Melbourne, Dr. Alex Polyakov said some pregnant women can feel the movement of a more active fetus. But, some other pregnant women can feel the movement of the fetus more rarely. This depends on the position of the placenta. Then, I do not think that fetal activity in the womb can be a predictor of the child’s personality later, Polyakov said, quoted from Essentian Baby. He added, most babies move around most of the time. Baby cycles in the womb, said Polyakoiv about half an hour. Thus, the baby has plenty of time to move. Also read: This Baby Kick is Creepy, His Legs Up Out of RahimNah, the mother can better see or feel the baby’s movement when in a position lying down and not terdistraksi. Meanwhile, midwife and lactation counselor Dr. Robyn Thompson insists that individual personalities are influenced by many things outside their lives in the womb. But, based on my experience, the baby who was in a certain position when examined later changed his position again when returning home, the child grows up which is fun and full of energy. But, this does not happen to all mothers, Thompson said. According to him, babies who are active during pregnancy can tell their mother something. Whether it’s comfortable, uncomfortable, happy, and unhappy. Mom also has an instinct to know a little of that clue, Thompson said. Read also: Wow! This Fetus Signs ‘Peace’ When In-ultrasound (rdn / up)

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