6 Eating Routines Needed To Be Abandoned

proargi 9.plus.weight loss Jakarta Often we are not aware if the ugly routine to eat have an influence on health. For example, the arena of fat fear a person prefer to avoid the fat even though the body actually also requires fat.
The wrong perception and growing in the following people will be straightened out by nutritionists and diet experts listed with a master’s degree in the science and knowledge of nutrition and health of people, Cynthia Sass, as taken Health, Saturday (27/12/2014) The explanation: 1. Frequent drinking alcohol

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Whatever the argument, alcohol has extra calories that can cause body damage. If you are on a diet, try to stay away from consuming alcohol for 30 days and watch, eventually it can be dramatic.
2. Holding hungry
With dietary arguments, several tens of clients often endure hunger. Next, they starve and reach an almond jar or handful. Cause? they consume more calories than they eat, Cynthia says.
Forget about eating this is a big problem. This sort of thing can lead to two unexpected risks, burning fewer calories and you’re weak. Some studies have found that not only daily calories are primarily to protect the body’s resistance but also the preparation of the meal. Good practical provisions eat right when and never let more 4-5 hours letting the stomach empty, he said.
3. Consume excessive healthy food
Willingness to be healthy, but some people are not aware of the consumption of food in large quantities. The key, listen to your stomach, hunger and satiety it cues the body and use your mind to adjust the amount according to the same needs, he said. 4. Calculating calories
One study revealed that even the calculation of calories inclined to make women more stressed. And without being recognized, the addition of stress can lead to a spike in cortisol, a stress hormone that makes a person unable to brake the appetite of fatty and sugary foods. 5. Avoid good fats
As a country with the most obese patients in the world, Americans seem to be anti-fat. Not long ago, Cynthia even met a person who did not want to eat high-fat avocados because of the olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing.
Reduce fat is a smart trick in intelligent weight loss. But vegetable fats like olive oil, avocado, and nuts can boost metabolism, as well as a rich source of anti-oxidants that have been linked to slackness and fewer calories, he said. 6. Eating out of emotion
Eating routines, boredom, fury, happy this sometimes makes it hard to lose weight. Instead of diet, eating with emotions can actually lead to weight gain.

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