Anisa’s Story, an Inspiring Random Autoimun Survivor’s Child

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Anisa’s Story, an Inspiring Random Autoimun Survivor’s Child

Jakarta, Anisa, the eldest daughter of Gusfikar Ferdiansyah and Novy Ferdiansyah in August last year was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Together with loved ones, Anisa and family make various efforts. What’s the story like? Find out more here. It was diagnosed early it was almost 1 year ago, August 2016. At that moment came bruises on the legs, in the hands of more and more. I think banged or how. Until finally I checked to the doctor in Lampung, there checked blood, then the initial diagnosis was ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura), said the mother of Anisa, Novy Ferdiansyah.Tak enough to get there, because the condition of hemoglobin, platelets and leukocytes is known low, girl born 28 September 2005 was then referred to the hospital in Jakarta to conduct further examination. From the results found a second diagnosis of aplastik anemia. But there again found histiosit high, so more confused, so what diagnosis, Novy recalled. After returning to Lampung, Anisa experienced first period. Narrated Novy, Anisa’s first period is very booming alias is not reasonable. Normally menstrual cycles one week, but Anisa can be up to two weeks to one bulan.Ketika, for 2 months Anisa had to go back into hospital for blood transfusion. Because of her unusual condition, Novy’s sister who lives in Jakarta took the initiative to find out and finally found a foundation named Marisza Cardoba Foundation that handles this condition. Do not think long, Novy then join through Whatsapp group. In the group Novy was introduced to LDHS or five basic healthy life.Read also: Autoimmune Disease Disease, This Girl Experienced Baldness at Age 20 Years

Anisa before and after treatment with methyl and applying LDHS. (Photo: personal doc)

There I was recognized with LDHS, healthy diet, healthy mindset, all in all healthy. I apply to my son, very, very disciplined, he said. Even at the hospital, continued Novy, hospital food is not Anisa eat. So also in school, Novy will not let Anisa seduced by the food is doubtful of nutritional content. So I stock him fruit. Breaking the fast together, the way with friends even he did not dare touch those foods. With such a pattern of bleeding in the gums never again, I Novy.Novy said, thanks to run a healthy lifestyle, formerly Anisa blood transfusion once a week, whereas now, only three months once.Alhamdulillah 3 months. It’s been 3 months his Hb goes up, he has not taken any medicine at all. Most blood check if low Hb yes transfusion, it ajah, said Novy grateful. Although conditions like this, the spirit of Anisa to study in school remains lit. Anisa is also counted as a student of achievement, the proof he always ranked in the top 10. Also read: Bruises Thought ‘Pinch Satan’, It Turns Marisza Kena Autoimmune Disease ITP (hrn / up)

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