Bloating Stomach and 4 Common Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Bloating Stomach and 4 Common Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that most women fear. This cancer usually attacks women aged over 50 years, but did not rule out women aged below it can also get this type of cancer. Only 20 percent of ovarian cancer is detected, because the symptoms are not significant. Some common symptoms that we can be aware of are as follows: Also read: Ladies, Sitting Too Old Can Trigger Breast Cancer and Ovary1. Bloating is not lost

Almost everyone must have felt bloated, an uncomfortable thing. Flatulence can occur for many reasons, such as eating too many foods that contain gas. But it could be a sign of the beginning of serious problems. such as ovarian cancer. Based on a recent survey by a charity in the UK, Target Ovarian Cancer found that 20 percent of women who experience bloating is a sign of ovarian cancer

If the bloating is constant and does not disappear after changing eating habits or bowel movements, it’s time to seek medical care, "" said the professor of medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. Alex Hewlett, DO.2. Abdominal pain Bloating that is a sign of ovarian cancer is caused by a buildup of fluid called ascites in the stomach, well this can also cause pain and soreness. According to professor of gynecology, oncology, and reproduction from Anderson University of Texas Cancer Center, Lauren Cobb, most of the fluid is formed from cancer cells that can cause clogging in lymphatics or intestinal blockage.3. Changes in bowel habits Another sign that can be alerted as a sign of ovarian cancer is changes in bowel habits, small and large. For example, the frequency of urination is increased from the usual. "" This may be due to a large enough mass and suppress the bladder, "" says obstetrician and gynecologist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, dr. Monique Swain, MD.4. Decreased appetite Bloating takes over the condition in the stomach, as if the stomach feels full and still feel full. This is what causes a person with ovarian cancer decreased appetite.5. Easily tired Easy to feel tired can be caused by many factors, including some diseases. If you are exhausted when you are not doing strenuous activity, you should be aware and immediately check to the doctor. Also read: 6 Signs You Have Ovarian Cysts

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