Coffee Could Stand Up to Pregnant Women

ling shen yao untuk kanker Glasgow, A cup of coffee has many benefits, ranging from just overcome the drowsiness to reduce the risk of cancer. However, pregnant women should not be careless to drink coffee, because too much caffeine can actually harm the womb and heart. In normal conditions, the effects of caffeine will begin to decrease within 5 hours of entry into the body. However, under certain conditions such as pregnant women, the half-life or decomposition time in the body can be longer than 30 hours.

The longer the caffeine lasts in the body, the greater the likelihood of side effects it causes. Moreover, if consumed in excessive levels, then caffeine can increase heart rhythm, trigger headache, chest pain, anxiety and stomach cramps. Experts from Glasgow University in Scotland said, pregnant women can still drink coffee from the caffeine content is nothing more than 200 mg / day. This means that espresso coffee is not recommended because it is extracted so thickly that caffeine levels are very high.

Research conducted by experts shows, most of espresso coffee sold in coffee shops in Scotland contain caffeine above the safe limit for pregnant women. Of the 20 coffee shops serving espresso coffee, only 1 is caffeine content within safe limits. “” The variations are quite large. The low caffeine can still be taken 4 times a day by pregnant women. But the excess levels, 1 cup alone can trigger an overdose, “” said Dr. Alan Crozier who led the study as quoted from Dailymail, Friday (2/12/2011). In addition to pregnant women, other conditions that are not recommended for coffee consumption excessive is in small children and people with liver disorders. In these conditions, liver work is not optimal so the risk of caffeine overdose increases because of its slow metabolism. (Up / ir)

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