Finished Drinking Herbal Coffee, This Man Called Cigarettes Feel stale

smart detox jakarta Jakarta, From start to protect stamina to restore cigarette addiction. That is the claim of sellers of imported herbal coffee products that have been long circulating in the market of traditional medicine Indonesia. Someone smokers say the taste of cigarettes like stale cigarettes after he drank the herbal coffee. “” I drink coffee for two months .. So when smoking while drinking coffee it taste-it does not taste good rich stale coffee. Formerly a pack of cigarettes for two days, suitable drink coffee that three days only cigarette is not exhausted, “” said Fayyas Ahmadullah (35), customer of herbal medicine, at detikHealth, Monday (8/9/2014).

Fayyas said the taste of cigarettes began to change after he drank coffee for two to three days. In one day Fayyas can consume two packs of coffee. Listiawati (30), a resident of Tambun, Bekasi, when contacted separately also admitted buying coffee was a step to greet his father who is a heavy smoker. “” Formerly father when smoking can two to three packs I always love that coffee one day three packs. His reaction was drinking coffee he was sick, coughing, always feverish one week. He said spending time toxins. How many days later nyoba ngerokok once again bitter mouth. Not good for ngerokok. From then on he does not want to once again, “” said the employee at this private company.

According to him, the impact of coffee appears after the father consumes coffee throughout the week. Gradually his father reduced the number of cigarettes he smoked until eventually stopped. “” So daddy smoking the most expensive brand today has gone awful, “” Listiawati more. Not just to quit smoking, the benefits of coffee mentioned contain seven ingredients of this herb like endless. Andi Budianto (32), a resident of Cibubur, East Jakarta, admitted diligent coffee consumption throughout almost a year to protect the vitality of the body. “” All this time sich tasty, always fresh body.

The stiffest earthworks. It makes a waste of wind, so do not catch a cold, “” Andi said that mentioning at this time has stopped drinking coffee because supply problems and prices difficult to reach. Firstly, responding to the herbal coffee that is claimed to stop the routine of smoking, herbal experts from the Department of Pharmacy FMIPA UI, Abdul Mun’im, MSi, PhD, said the dependence can not be cured just by changing the sense of taste alone. This kind of thing because the impact of addictive substances on cigarettes attack the nerve cells and affect the flow of thought. “” Addiction is a neural relationship, the problem is there. Because the example of a person with a drug even though his blood was washed clean he still can not escape his dependence. If the toxin problem mah easy because the body has the power to remove through the heart and urine, “” he explained. (vit / vit)

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