Do not Take This Food Every Day

efek samping.trulum Jakarta It is very possible when you are in the business of losing weight by doing diet, but do some small mistakes that can even prevent weight loss, or weight management becomes more difficult and slower than it should be.

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Sometimes, a piece of food that is not at risk can make a big inequality when talking about ideal body weight management. Written from Times of India, written Friday (11/12/2015), it is part of the food in your daily diet that you should stay away from consuming it everyday.
1. One glass of milk – Milk is a healthy addition to your diet, but it’s also a chance that will disrupt your development. If you have a habit of drinking a glass of milk before bed, breakfast, or snack in the afternoon, try to stop drinking milk for a month. If you feel it can give you a resonance, make you more fresh, help you lower your weight, cleanse the skin, and others, this might be a way out for your problems. Worth trying.
2. A sweet snack after eating – Some people have a routine wanting a sweet thing after eating. Surely this is an unnecessary thing and maybe you already know. The addition of sugar after you eat is so meaningful to get rid of especially if you do it everyday. Let the desserts be a special dinner on your day off.
3. Heavy carbohydrates for an afternoon snack – How often do you feel hungry during breaks at lunch and dinner? You’re going to eat anything without even thinking about whether it’s good or bad for. Your chances will be finished with the consumption of sandwiches or samosas. This addition may be just one unhealthy meal that you consume in one day, but if this is the thing you do everyday, this afternoon snack can interfere with your efforts. Therefore, bring something that contains protein and healthy fats like beans, once you will not give in to hunger.
4. Potato – The last few times the potato earned the nickname of a study done by Harvard, as ‘your weight gain food at the same time.’ Potatoes have a step to gain weight without you realize. 5. What is meant by ‘healthy snacks’ – Chips or anything that is said to be a healthy snack these days, should be replaced with foods that have real nutrition. Some people consume this snack without any reckoning it, and think that they are in a healthy state and will not give much inequality to their health and body weight. This is a mistake and you are better off staying away from some of these processed foods. (*)

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