Want To Lose Weight? Look at the 9 Food Trap

harga smart detox murah What foods are good for the diet? Such will be ringing in the minds of people who want to lose weight. In fact, there are 9 foods that until now mentioned can help lower body weight. In fact, the food contains sugar or some other ingredients that are not useful. Generally so when this food has been packaged and sold in supermarkets. Such details as taken GeniusBeauty, Friday (03/05/2013):

1. Eggs Nutrition experts deliver eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. These fatty acids can be chemicals that participate in the formation of myelin nerve sheaths. These fatty acids can strengthen blood vessel walls and avoid the formation of atherosclerotic plaques (obstructions in blood vessels). However, research shows omega-3 fatty acids in eggs have no positive impact on the body. There are only three types of omega-3 fatty acids are really useful, namely EPA, DMA, and ALA. And most importantly for the body of omega-3 fatty acids found in red fish (Ruby snapper).

2. Bit (Beet) This root vegetables contain vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and anti-oxidants that fight cancer. However, bits have a lot of oxalate salt and oxalate. Eating bits very much can lead to kidney stone disease. Beyond that, the cooked beet has a high glycemic index, which means that the appetite increases.

3. Yoghurt fruit yoghurt that has been packed may have a lot of sugar and fat content. Beware. Try yoghurt with slices of fruit purchased separately and merged by yourself

4. Bread Wheat bread is good because it has fiber content and make us full longer. But do not get me wrong. Many wheat bread products that contain some ingredients that do not support our diet program because it contains sugar, excessive salt. even the starch is not one hundred percent of the wheat. So, the main thing is to know how the previous wheat became bread. Bread generally uses wheat flour or all wheat flour.

5. Carrot This vegetable has a lot of fiber and beta-carotene, until it can be used to cure constipation, also to improve the view. However, carrots contain a lot of sugar. Fresh carrots contain only 30 calories per 100 grams, but when cooked, carrot fiber decomposes into a simple sugar. Carrots are so easily processed, through the stomach immediately into the blood, as well as from the blood that goes into the space that has a problem. So eating carrots, especially when ripe, will not help to lose weight.

6. Fruit Juice 100% fruit juice is divided into sugar and fructose. Excessive fructose results in obesity and increased cholesterol. Alternative choice is to make your own juice or just eat fruit.

7. Frozen food There is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables or fruit. The question is, why eat frozen vegetables and fruits when we meet many fresh in the market or supermarket?

8. Fast-food Salad Fast food salads commonly use high-calorie and high-calorie mayonnaise. The best choice is to make your own salad. Just enough vegetables and fruits are cut into pieces add a little olive oil, pepper and salt as needed. 9. Breakfast cereal Wheat in the know healthy and nutritious. This food is recommended for those who want to lose weight. However, do not get entangled with cereals that have been packaged because it generally has a high salt (natirum) salt though a little sugar. (Mel / Abd)

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