Weight Loss Down For You It’s Easy to Sick

kopi hijau adalah Jakarta Ever know the impact of yo-yo in diet? Yes, the impact of yo-yo or weight cycling is a condition when people with obesity often experience a decrease as well as weight gain. This situation is actually more dangerous and the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease compared to obese people whose weight fell in one program. Not only that, in research done by dietician Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK was described, the impact of yoyo can be proven to increase the risk of inflammation or inflammation in the blood vessels and oxidative stress.
Weight loss (BB) through diet and exercise are basic tips in the treatment of obesity. But people with obesity is often a natural decline and replenishment of BB known as weight cycling (WC). Why do I choose weight cycling? because many of my patients who come, today the program, later down 10-20 kg. Meet again 1-2 yrs. the weight has been more 20 kg. On the basis of that, I dig the literature and want to show whether weight cycling is more risky, “said Samuel when interviewed by journalists at the inauguration of doctoral program at the Faculty of Medicine Campus Indonesia, Tuesday (8/7/2014). Samuel explains, humans are divided into fat and fat-free time. At the time of free fat, there is no muscle water. This is all summed up in body weight. Here as a problem, often the assumption of weight loss is just a concentration in kg alone without any view in terms of fat and muscle composition. In addition, the amount of water in the cell in fact alters the protein formation system for muscle. The fat man, the cell gets bigger. When it gets bigger, he removes the substance that causes damage to the blood vessels. Which in my research called inflammatory markers. She scrapes slowly the walls of the blood vessels. Well, when we successfully lose weight, the substance is less natural decline. but not as good as when compared with people who have never been down obesity, he said.

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One more thing that can be proven in this research is F2-isoprostans called standard goals to see free radicals in the body.
Free radicals that enter the body, slowly causing cell damage. Blood vessels are damaged. Such is why age 40 years, face many wrinkles. It is damaged by free radicals. But more dangerous, the impact of free radicals on cardiovascular disease. Blood vessels damaged, cholesterol attached, there is thickening of blood vessel walls. Therefore I say cardiovascular risk to a person who weighs up and down is bigger, he said. You are fat, as quickly as possible. Because the fat if not in the lowering risk. When it comes down, it must be maintained. Can not go up anymore. When it rises again, all the risks of the disease appear. I disagree if there is a person weighing 90 kg with other people who have the same weight. The one weighs still, and the other down weighs up to 70 kg. But up again so 90 kg. These 2 people are compared, the more risky they have ever fallen. The risk of the disease is more chronic, he said.

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